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Geometric and Graphic Trends

Above is my take on the 3.6 Geometric & Graphic Trends (ladies swimsuit patterns) for this Creative Exercise in Make It In Design online course. It was a bit of a challenge, taking me a couple weeks to complete. There were a lot of research lessons in this section, which led to a whole lot… Continue reading Geometric and Graphic Trends

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Table Linens

For this Make It In Design exercise my Brief was: Design a coordinating set of table mats and napkins Pick one color palette from the WGSN Colour Evolution report that was supplied to us in the course, and use only those colours and white Create a simple pattern concept or a formal repeating tile Use… Continue reading Table Linens

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics Design Trend

  Make It In Design Course: Creative Exercise 2.6 Trends; Brief 1:  WOW! This design brief really was a tough one. It's about trends, and how trends are influenced by major international events. Any huge event can spark mass production of goods to sell relating to the events. For this brief I was to think ahead… Continue reading Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics Design Trend

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Trends for Wrapping Paper Summer 2018 Lesson

Section One of Module Two of Make It In Design is done, yeah! Now I'm on to Section Two which is all about Trends and their influences on our lives. Some really great information that delves into not only trends in the United States, but from all over the world, and how one influences the… Continue reading Trends for Wrapping Paper Summer 2018 Lesson

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Watermelon in Paradise Stationery Collection

WOW! This was an extremely fun exercise in my Make It In Design, Module 2 (Creating Your Professional Identity) course. This assignment was to design a concept board for a new line of stationery. I'm to imagine that my instructors are buyers from a (made-up) company called Delicious seeking to license a new collection which reflects… Continue reading Watermelon in Paradise Stationery Collection

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Dinnerware Mock Up – Make It In Design

My latest assignment was to create a mock up for dinnerware. I used a palm tree, tropical leaves, and a parrot I sketched earlier. The Colonial British West Indies popped in my mind with these elements, so I altered the original colors, designing the above artwork. Adding metallic gold on the trim work adds that… Continue reading Dinnerware Mock Up – Make It In Design

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Tropical Summer Collection – Lesson 1.3

It's been hectic, especially since May 21, when I started the first class of Module Two of Surface Pattern Design School! That week was also the lead in week for the Memorial Day Observance at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery (which was heart touching ceremony-largest event yet, Huey fly over was spectacular-true tribute to those Vietnam… Continue reading Tropical Summer Collection – Lesson 1.3

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White Hibiscus Note Cards and Wrapping Paper

A collection of note cards with matching wrapping paper. The hibiscus flower was hand drawn in pencil, then penned over so I could scan it into Illustrator where I was able to fine tune the drawing. With a little copying, manipulating and arranging the flower vector I created a seamless surface pattern. This surface pattern… Continue reading White Hibiscus Note Cards and Wrapping Paper

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Enter Surface Pattern Design School

I am having so much fun with a new creative design arena. Several months ago while looking for fabric swatches to sew window treatments for the guest bedroom I stumbled upon a surface pattern design website. There are thousands of fabrics online, and I found many I liked, but I wanted something different, something special.… Continue reading Enter Surface Pattern Design School


Old Uniforms and a Quilt for Christmas

Old uniforms and a quilt for Christmas? Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year…and, for some, the most difficult time of the year. Christmas 1970, the first Christmas without my brother, was a most difficult one for me. He had been Missing in Action in Vietnam since January and we had no substantial leads… Continue reading Old Uniforms and a Quilt for Christmas