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Happy Holidays Tea Towels

Had an idea this summer to make tea towels for Christmas and holiday gifts this year. My favorite online fabric shop (Spoonflower) was having a fantastic fabric sale which I couldn't pass up. I took an old tropical leaf design I did a couple years ago, and transformed it into the design. I used a… Continue reading Happy Holidays Tea Towels

holiday christmas bouquet
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Joe’s Christmas Bouquet

I love flowers, especially Christmas holiday bouquets. I'd rather have fresh flowers decorating my home then any other type of decoration, any time of the year. After 44 years of decorating our home for Christmas my husband and I have pared down the inside decorations. We love the Christmas tree. A beautiful wreath on the… Continue reading Joe’s Christmas Bouquet

Jewel tone terrazzo
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Terrazzo Holiday

Having so much fun with the terrazzo patterns. I updated the original design to make it a technical repeat pattern using the original blue shades I used in the previous post. I’m a fan of those beautiful blues. Since the holidays and Christmas are right around the corner I thought I’d rework the colors using… Continue reading Terrazzo Holiday

herby crosby dress blues

Old Uniforms and a Quilt for Christmas

Old uniforms and a quilt for Christmas? Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year…and, for some, the most difficult time of the year. Christmas 1970, the first Christmas without my brother, was a most difficult one for me. He had been Missing in Action in Vietnam since January and we had no substantial leads… Continue reading Old Uniforms and a Quilt for Christmas