White fern in black of night surface pattern
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White Fern in Black of Night

White fern in the black of night
What a fun creative brief. I’m in The Colour Gang group at Make It In Design which every month sends out Creative Briefs, fun exercises, research, all sorts of fun stuff about color, surface pattern designing, the latest trends in color and excellent information on how to get yourself visible.

This month is Monochromatic and Branding Your Way. I’m still working on the branding, but had some fun with the monochromatic creative brief.

We were to spend about 20 to 30 minutes drawing an organic motif design in any way we wanted except it is to be organic, and drawn in black ink. We could color it up (one color with shades keeping it monochromatic).

As I started drawing out my fern design I thought it would really look nice on black. So that’s what I did, simple black and white repeat pattern.

To give the pattern a home, I applied it to a shopping bag, added my logo, and here ya have it. A fun, inspiring time honing in on some creative skills.

Loving Make It In Design.

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