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Welcome to my place where I share designs, artwork, stories, preserve memories while creating new ones, share some of my lotions and potions made with essential oils, and offer my design services to you.

I enjoy designing and creating artwork, making artsy/crafty stuff, dabbling in hand-lettering, writing short stories, sewing, needlepoint, essential oils, and I’m a huge flamingo fan.

I’m a retired graphic designer from a major university in central Florida.

Giving back to those who gave so much for me and our country’s freedom is a top priority. I volunteer my graphic design services for the all-volunteer Support Committee at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery where I design ads, flyers and programs for major cemetery sponsored events.

Surface Pattern Design is a new design venue I’m loving. Think wrapping paper, wallpaper, and fabric. You can purchase my designs in My Shop at Spoonflower.com. There are oodles of items available at Marylou’s Textiles on Society6.

I enjoy writing short stories too, especially those close to my heart. Pen on paper or fingers on keypad, is the ultimate writing experience.

I’ve taken several creative writing courses, read a lot of writing books, all in preparing to write a memoir involving my brother. In the meantime, I’ve written some nice little stories. I’m enjoying the beautiful art form of writing a story.

Essential oils is another passion of mine. With the flood of chemicals used in foods, beauty, and cleaning products these days, I wanted to find a better, healthier option, so I started researching and learning what I could do to change things for the better for my family.

I make healing salves, facial serums, and many other products using essential oils mixed with natural, organic ingredients.

Creating comes in many different venues for me, sort of a mixed bag of fun things to do.

I’m also a former POW/MIA  sister and still a devoted advocate for full accountability of our armed forces who have not made it home. My brother was Missing In Action in Vietnam for 37 years. Visit his website at firebird91.org for information.

Need graphic design work, your story told, or a precious memory preserved, or a super facial serum? Contact me here. I’m happy to help you.

I hope you enjoy my website and find something useful from it. I love where life leads us each and every day. There is always something new to design, create, and inspire for everyone.

Thank you.

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