Graphic Design. Creative Writing. Preserving Memories.

marylou wadeI ‘m a sentimental, traditional gal born in Indiana, reared in south Georgia, who now lives on the Space Coast, in Florida. I love to create artwork, write stories, sew, needlepoint, and I’m a huge flamingo fan.

As a child I loved drawing and painting, taking lessons from my mother, a well-known artist in Georgia. Attended one year at Ringling Art School, found the love of my life, married and started our future together. He would go to college, I would work, taking whatever administrative job I could find. After he graduated, I would go to college. The college thing didn’t happen for me. After years of administrative work, even becoming a Certified Professional Secretary while working at Kennedy Space Center, I became disheartened. Even though working for the shuttle program was the most awesome job, I hated being a secretary. I left in 1994, going to work for a university, as a secretary! to get in the door. I worked my way back to what ignited my passion, design, graphic design.  Hope to retire soon, but still want to keep designing and sharing stories.

I’m now a graphic designer for a major university in central Florida, my day job, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Being the designer for the Support Committee at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery, is a give-back to those who gave so much for me. I design the ads, flyers and programs for all major cemetery sponsored events.

My favorite quote from William Zissner’s Writing About Your Life (2004):
“Writer’s are the custodians of memory, and memories have a way of dying with their owner. One of the saddest sentences I know is ‘I wish I had asked my mother about that.’”

I did ask mom, and she told stories, but my saddest sentence is “I wish I would have written that down.” Oh, I wrote down a few of her stories, but not enough. I’ve taken creative writing courses to help me write life stories.

This website is where I share my stories, preserve memories, create new ones, and offer my design services to you.


Ads, brochures, cards, invitations, flyers for print or digital are just some artwork pieces I can create. Click here for more information.

Surface pattern design is a new design venue I’m studying. Hope to be sharing patterns soon. Think wrapping paper, wallpaper, and fabric.


Our lives are precious. Each of us has at least one story to tell, if not many more. It would be helpful to leave a little behind when we leave this world. Our life story, or a significant time in our lives would be the perfect gift to give future generations.

Digital Scrapbooking is one process to share your story. It is all about preserving memories by using photos to tell your story. Think special events, weddings, trip of a lifetime, and family milestones. Digital scrapbooks published as hardcopy and digital book. Or, a single page artwork suitable for framing, both are perfect venues for sharing your story.

Essential oils are another passion. With all the chemicals in our lives these days, I prefer to go a cleaner way. Visit flamingo91.com for more information.

I’m also a POW/MIA advocate. My brother was MIA in Vietnam 37 years. Visit his website at firebird91.org for information.

Need graphic design work, your story told, or a precious memory preserved? Contact me. I’m happy to help you.

Thank you.