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Add a Little Flower Power to your Spring Fling

The Colour Gang spotlight for February was all about the color of candy. Apparently this color category is a worldwide trend right now. Seems to me it would be an on-going trend as I mean, what child (including adult children) doesn’t love a great piece of candy now and then. I prefer dark chocolate, but hey, I’ll take a cupcake any day. These are a little over-the-top for me, but darn it, they make me want to head to the bakery, now!

Lots of new Instagram accounts are popping up with candy-colored goodness too. Artists and designers alike are generating oodles of candy colored artwork on everything from candy wrappers to clothing using these sweet colors.

In our Creative Exercise we were provided some key words to think about while researching candy colors. I’m telling you right now, up front, it was hard to look at all these tempting confectionary delights in Pinterest while doing my research, even if you don’t like candy.
Scrumptious. Sweet. Confectionary. Bright. Vibrant. Energetic. Rainbows. Food. Pastel. Cake. Sugar. My mood board says it all.


Using the images above to I created a color palette. My thought was to do something a little retro, fun, and light to use as wrapping paper. I doodled some sprays that resemble flower petals, which actually look more like fireworks popping in air in the no outlines version.

Below is the pattern with black outlines and a version without the black outlines. Both work great, especially for wrapping paper which is what I was designing for.

Same spring fling flower power design and utilized the ReColor tool in Illustrator to change it up.

I ordered several rolls in the various color schemes from My Shop at Spoonflower which should arrive next week. I also uploaded the patterns to my shop, Marylou’s Textiles at Society6 where one can purchase the design on several different items. Below are just a few of the items available. Will update post with photos of items when all have been received.

Like the design but not the color? Contact me for specific colors you would like.
Add a little Flower Power to your Spring Fling.

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