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Generic Occasions

260A349D-EC57-4244-BC0B-032E68D381F0October on Make It In Design’s The Colour Gang was about simple color pallets for generic occasions. While a lot of folks don’t send cards snail mail anymore, some do, and also give gifts, and “just because” cards are always fun. In fact, the trend is coming back to sending speciality made cards. I mean nothing makes one feel better these days than to get an unexpected card from someone. Okay, well almost nothing, but getting a surprise card in the mail does make one smile, and is greatly appreciated. Great way to make someone’s day. Unexpected kindness through cards are always the best.

I have a stock of greeting cards, notepads, small gifts and wrapping paper on-hand for those short notice gifts.

The generic occasion pallets and motifs generally:

  • caption hinting at a use but not being specific (such as the word ‘love’)
  • use a limited colour palette
  • use a generic illustration or pattern
  • appeal for a broad age group

My brief: Spend 30 minutes or so creating a generic caption or a print motif to use. If pushed or time feel free to pull an existing one from your archive. Select two colours or use one of the simple palettes provided below, based around grey + one colour.

Below is the color pallet we were asked to use:

generic occasion color pallet

carnation While on vacation recently I practiced sketching and inking a carnation. Thought this might be a perfect flower for the generic motif, and since the colors were not usual carnation colors it would draw a little attention to its generic feel. Has a vintage, old-fashion softness, perfect for various generic occassions.

To add a little variety I created a shell motif. It needs a little tweaking but blends together  with the carnation keeping the color pallet the same.

Was a fun process. Would make a nice wrapping paper, notebook covers and greeting cards.  The Colour Gang is an awesome place to inspire, network with other designers, and best of all, to learn new techniques, step out of one’s comfort zone, and have fun creating.



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