Jewel tone terrazzo
Design, patterns, Surface Patterns, Wrapping Paper

Terrazzo Holiday

Having so much fun with the terrazzo patterns. I updated the original design to make it a technical repeat pattern using the original blue shades I used in the previous post. I’m a fan of those beautiful blues.

Since the holidays and Christmas are right around the corner I thought I’d rework the colors using some holiday shades along with the blue. Jewel tones and traditional Red & Green Christmas. Once I got my palettes down I recolored the pattern in Illustrator’s Recolor option. So much fun with the endless amount of colors. Just click on a button changes the color to whatever Illustrator picks. Find a color theme you like and save it.

Here are a few options I ended up with. I uploaded them to my Shop at Spoonflower and ordered wrapping paper. You too can order the paper once they have processed my order.  If you’re wanting the paper for the holidays better order soon.

If you’d like a certain color combination just let me know as I can customize the colors to your liking.

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