I did ask mom, and she told stories, but my saddest sentence is “I wish I would have written them down.” Oh, I did write a few of her stories, but not enough. I’ve taken creative writing courses to help me write little stories. Hope you enjoy some precious memories in my stories.

My First Camera

As I thumbed through an old family photo album I came across the first photograph taken using my very first camera. It’s a photo of my mother and me taken by the owner of a camera shop the day I bought it. The photo brought back memories of that day so vivid to me. Thought… Continue reading My First Camera

A Band of Metal

A band of metal. This band is of pewter and silver with a name etched on the silver plate. It reads: Capt. Herbert C Crosby, January 10, 1970. It’s not fancy. It’s sentimental. Priceless. This bracelet, a band of metal was given to my father in 1970, by a friend. It was a time when people were… Continue reading A Band of Metal

The Color Flamingo Pink

Ah, the plastic pink yard ornament. Yes, that’s what came to your mind, isn’t it? Well, I’m not just a pretty tacky pink, although I certainly love to be on display. I’m a coral pink. I range from white to deep pinkish coral, and yes, I am some times that tacky pink in the yard.… Continue reading The Color Flamingo Pink

Death of My Father

Memorial Day weekend was finally here. The car was packed and almost ready to go to Mom and Dad’s for the holiday. We’d leave early Friday morning driving to Donalsonville, Georgia, to spend a long Memorial Day weekend with the family. I made a last-minute call to Mom to see if she needed anything special other than what… Continue reading Death of My Father