Autumn leaves
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Shades of Autumn in Two Colors

Autumn leavesBeing a member of The Colour Gang on Facebook is such a boost for me in the creative surface pattern design arena. The Colour Gang is a Closed Facebook Group administered by Make It In Design (the British company I’m currently enrolled in pattern design courses). I’m having a blast  learning new concepts, gaining in-depth knowledge about colors and trends, and getting back on track with my sketching (which needs a lot of work). There are so many other exciting opportunities too.

Getting trend reports for what will be in style for 2019 – 2020 and beyond. Great for designing, for sure.

Our Friday Flash Challenge was to use two colors (Orange and Plum) to draw Autumn Leaves. Then, of course, create a pattern.

The two colors given were Orange (Pantone 1655U) and Plum (Pantone 7449U).

Luckily, last week I had drawn a few leaves thinking I’d try something for the Autumn season. When scanning my sketches into Illustrator I thought I would do something different as I wanted to play with my new Illustrator watercolor brushes. I’m creating as many patterns as possible to establish my signature style.

This is what I ended up with, which I’m pretty happy with. Brings a little abstract stylish tropical flare to Autumn leaves. Was fun to do, and makes a lovely pattern for a dress as shown in the mockup. Would you wear this dress?

Autumn leaves dress mockuip


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