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Terrazzo Blues

Just loving The Colour Gang from Make It In Design. Every month something new, and every week also. Last weeks Color Challenge was all about the color  Blue. We were provided a pdf about  Blue, which also included a blue pallette to work from (shown below).

“Blue colour is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.” ~John Ruskin

I’m a huge fan of Blue so it was difficult to pick just a few shades of blue to work with, however, I managed to mix them up in a terrazzo pattern. Terrazzo is trending and I wanted to learn how to make a terrazzo pattern. I’ve got to perfect the process, but for my very first terrazzo pattern I think it turned out fine. 

The larger pattern on the left below was the first step in the process…drawing shapes using the Pen tool in Illustrator. These are all black shapes which I then randomly changed to the blue colors using the palette above. Then came the fun part manipulating them, sizing them, adding textures, grains, anything goes for this pattern. Makes great wrapping paper.

“Tangled up in blue…” ~ Bob Dylan

I will play around with the colors, maybe changing them up using some holiday Christmas colors. Will upload my patterns to My Shop at Spoonflower to order my very own custom holiday wrapping paper. Don’t have many gifts to wrap this season, but what I do, will certainly be all mine. Now how fun is that, designing one’s own wrapping paper. You can buy my patterns on wrapping paper also…head over to My Shop at Spoonflower.

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