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The Colour Gang – Make It In Design

marylou_wadecb1-retro-01I signed up for another great venue with Make It In Design (MIID). They started a fantastic Group on Facebook called The Colour Gang that is all about surface pattern design and COLORS! It truly is a very informative and hands on learning Group.

August was a free month for anyone who already was a member of the MIID family. Since I’m taking a few courses from them I got the freebie. I did not have too much time to explore it last month as I was busy taking Summer School 2018 with them.

I finally had time to explore the August challenges. It was all about Retro and the 1970s! Know that era! Lol We were given two color pallets to choose from to use, and inspiration in everything 1970s.


I drew one flower and took it from there. These aren’t judged, just creative exercises to increase skills.

I have a a year’s membership which includes design briefs (specs for designing artwork), tons of design trends from some of the world’s largest trend companies for everything from color to home interiors to clothing to paper goods. Color is the mainstay throughout this new Group.

Can you tell I’m excited? Yes! I think I have finally found my passion in the design world. Now I just need to continue to perfect it, and hone in on a few special niche areas. What awesome fun!

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