lesson 1.3 collection display
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Tropical Summer Collection – Lesson 1.3

lesson 1.3 collection displayIt’s been hectic, especially since May 21, when I started the first class of Module Two of Surface Pattern Design School! That week was also the lead in week for the Memorial Day Observance at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery (which was heart touching ceremony-largest event yet, Huey fly over was spectacular-true tribute to those Vietnam warriors who are buried there, and all in attendance). The week after that was road trip to Nashville, TN, for the Rattler Firebird Reunion (which was fabulous). Needless to say, my studies have been off schedule.

Great thing though is that the classes are at my own pace. I have until December 2019 to finish! Hope it doesn’t take that long. I’m very new to surface pattern designing, but loving it so much.

Module Two is all about Creating Your Professional Identity, and this lesson is Creating Your Own Collection. This is my very first Collection which I’ve titled Tropical Summer. I picked the colors to match my feel for hot summer. All the motifs are hand drawn, scanned into Illustrator where I manipulate, color, and turn them into surface pattern designs.

See something you like, colors can easily be changed to whatever suits your fancy.

I won’t get ahead of myself but coming up will be mock ups and a whole lot more. I’ll share as I go along.

I’m just thrilled to learn this new passion, and who knows, maybe I’ll see, and you too, my patterns on products, fabric, and wrapping paper you’ll find in a department store, or online.

Wish me luck! If nothing else, the process is awesome and rejuvenating my sketching skills and creative juices.








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