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White Hibiscus Note Cards and Wrapping Paper

whitehibiscus cardsA collection of note cards with matching wrapping paper. The hibiscus flower was hand drawn in pencil, then penned over so I could scan it into Illustrator where I was able to fine tune the drawing. With a little copying, manipulating and arranging the flower vector I created a seamless surface pattern.

201803-100 white hibiscus wp mockup

This surface pattern is available for purchase as wrapping paper or fabric in My Shop at spoonflower.com.

Wrapping paper and fabric are shipped directly from Spoonflower to you. I make a little commission on my designs, but Spoonflower is the provider of your final product.

For the note cards, I used the same seamless surface pattern, adding a few more of the flowers to overlap onto the solid area of the cards. The name “Watson” I hand-lettered using a pen brush, then following the same process to upload it to Illustrator where I could smooth the edges to make the final vector graphic. It has that hand-drawn look, yet polished. The swirls were hand drawn directly in Illustrator so has that crisp line detail. The layout of the card is done with InDesign. The cards were uploaded to an online print vendor for printing. Unfortunately, I was not completely satisfied with this printer so will not be using them again for future projects.

Follow-up: I attended Carleigh’s wedding last weekend and she love the cards and wrapping paper. It was such a personal gift to her preferences.

Contact me if you would like your personal note cards designed for your favorite person or event, in just the right colors and style you want.

Please reference the Collection: 201803-100 White Hibiscus in your email.

carleigh notecard presentation

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