Florida Wildflowers


This pattern was designed from Trend Brief Two [Homeland Flora—Wildflowers] in the Make It In Design Summer School 2018 course I recently took.

The brief was to design a wildflower pattern, etched and sketched pattern using the following prompts:

  • Be inspired by raw nature, sun soaked earth, organics, textures, fields and meadows Think wild landscapes and laid-back, quiet atmospheres
  • Experiment with etching and sketching and tactile surfaces
  • Use the colour palette provided (tints of any of the colours are fine) or come up with your own

I researched Florida wildflowers which I decided to sketch for my design. The main design started with a curved line across the page. Next I drew various flowers connecting all of the wildflowers so they looped around the page. To fill in the space for creating the repeat pattern I made copy of each flower after they were painted.

wildflower collage 2wildflower collage 2 ml 01

I was inspired to use watercolor for this design. I used a digital painting process in Illustrator painting each stroke of the brush just as I would using regular watercolors on canvas. I had thousands of layers, and yes, that really slowed the speed on the computer. In the end I converted all the strokes into Groups then made png images of them to easily move them around my digital canvas. Was time consuming but the effect is nice.

marylouwade_int_cb2I think this is a beautiful design that looks great for a dress, dinnerware, paper, any thing as the scale can be adjusted accordingly. Lots of opportunity for this design.

Update: I designed a coordinating pattern for the wildflowers as shown in the photo [below] of the fabric. I ordered Crepe de Chine fabric from my shop on Spoonflower of this pattern in the cream color and in Navy blue. Sewing the scarves was easy with this beautiful lightweight flowing fabric. My first sewing project using patterns I designed and created myself. So much fun!

wildflower fabric web

infinity scarf cream webinfinity scarf navy web

You’ll find these patterns available to purchase in fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper at my shop on Spoonflower.com.