About Essential Oils

essential olls general photoEssential oils are the original medicines of mankind. Derived from nature they are the perfect solution for mind, body, and soul. No chemicals, just pure essential oils.

Essential oil is the liquid from leaves, stems, flowers, roots, bark of a plant that contains the true essence of the plant. For centuries essential oils have been used for medicinal and aromatherapy purposes; physical healing, emotional healing and spirituality.

Essential oils shouldn’t be confused with perfume oils as these are artificially created fragrances which are not therapeutic and cannot provide the healthy benefits of essential oils.

Do Your Homework, You’ll Enjoy the Research
If you want to use essential oils to promote healing, quality is the most important factor to consider. The quality of an essential oil is key to its ultimate effectiveness (or ineffectiveness.) Food grade or synthetic oils do not help your body in healing. Only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils can help heal.

There are many companies claiming to have “quality” or “pure” essential oils. But know, they are not all the same. Only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils are the safest to use. This means that there is nothing in the bottle except for the pure extract from the plant — no weeds, no pesticides, no fillers, nothing foreign. This level of quality provides the greatest potency for wellness, with fewer or no side effects when used properly.

How are essential oils made?
Essential oils are extracted one of two ways: either by steam distillation or pressing. Distillation is the most prominent method used to extract aromatherapy oils. This technique involves steaming the plant matter until it breaks down. The byproduct of this breakdown phase is the plant’s fragrant oil, which is cooled, separated from the water and finally filtered into its pure essential oil.

Some aromatherapy oils are too concentrated to apply directly to the skin. In this case, the oil is combined with a ‘carrier oil’ or lotion to dilute its strength. Common carrier oils are almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, rose hip oil and numerous other oils. Applying stringent oils to the skin can cause harmful reactions, such as rashes or burns. Some essential oils are digestible which can be added in cooking food, or adding in beverages. Certain essential oils should be avoided if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with a specific illness that may react with a certain essential oil. Always check with your doctor if there is doubt.

I have been using essential oils in my daily routines for several years now, and I’m hooked on these because I see results. They really do work. My home smells fresh and clean using some of the purifying oils to clear the air. No longer am I using plug-ins, aerosol sprays and similar chemical products to clean the air. Diffusing the essential oils is all it takes for not only cleaning the air, but cleaning my body too.

There are many companies that sell essential oils, so make sure you do your homework before you buy. You get what you pay for so don’t go cheap on your health. You are priceless so care and treat yourself as such.

You don’t have to go overboard either. I purchase from several different essential oils companies as there are some really good ones out there. I do not sell essential oils, nor do I promote any particular company anymore. However, I do sell products that contain essential oils. Throughout the essential oils section of my website I will link to various companies who I trust and promote because I use their products. I also may be an affiliate and earn a commission from some of these companies.

Take your time, research, research, research, and you’ll soon love the difference a few essential oils can do for your body and health.

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