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Table Linens

exercise 3.3 table linens dis[layFor this Make It In Design exercise my Brief was:

  • Design a coordinating set of table mats and napkins
  • Pick one color palette from the WGSN Colour Evolution report that was supplied to us in the course, and use only those colours and white
  • Create a simple pattern concept or a formal repeating tile
  • Use any motif I would like, but try to avoid using florals
  • Target audience is a design-conscious interior-loving professional female (or male) aged 30-40

I chose the Spring/Summer 18 cool blue colors as shown in the above photo. I drew a scallop shell shape, then used two of the colours along with white, sizing and placing them on the neutral third color background. To give it a bit more flare and character for the contemporary I used a paint brush effect on the stroke of the shells, leaving the fill empty so as to let the background would show through. I made the chevron pattern to add a geometric contrast. I believe these two patterns work well together for either a female or male target audience.

It is so exciting to get the complimentary Trend Reports from various trend companies, Trend Bible and WGSN are two of the top trend companies in the world. Very helpful for designers to know what’s coming so we can create and design accordingly. This course is overwhelming in the most positive way!

Another fun exercise. I will upload these patterns or variations of them to my shop on Spoonflower soon and just may order myself some fabric to sew some placemats and napkins of my own.

Want something similar for your dining table? Contact me here and I’ll design (for a small fee) placemats and napkins fabric for you. Would make great Christmas gifts!







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