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books and magazinesI was listening to a new podcast this morning, The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard (on iTunes). He was talking about creativity and reading every day.  My creative mind is usually in full force every day.  I am a graphic designer—the mind is always creating.

My problem is I have too many ideas spinning around in my mind all the time that I tend to get off course, losing focus on project or creative venture at hand. A hinderance, yes, as it will either take longer to get my creative task done, or it develops into many creative thoughts, which from there goes to a whole new ballgame.

I’m reading several books and magazines right now. This photo shows just a few of the inspirations I’m currently reading. I can’t seem to absorb enough. I love reading magazines. I’m all into how-to books on writing, blogging and of course anything about essential oils (those books would make another photo themselves).

I start one thing which in turn leads to another which in turn leads to another and on and on it goes. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has set out to find one thing, just one thing, and end up going to at least five different websites (most have no connection to the main topic either). I usually end up back where I began, although that may be a day or two, and some times with less money in the bank than when I started. Information overload some days.

Sound familiar? Thought so.tea box

While brewing my DeTox Tea this morning I took out the Bigelow Tea box to replenish the tea-bag container I have next to the brewer and noticed how beautifully constructed the box was that held the little tea bags. It really is substantial. I thought, this would make an ideal box to store my essential oils. Creative mind at work. I’ve been looking for a proper container but found nothing that suited what I needed, until this morning. There it was. I’ll get my creative juices flowing to convert it from a tea bag box to an essential oils box. Will let you know when I get the conversion done. Could take a while though—have five websites to research first.

Off now to my online writing course which I’m positive will generate more creativity and reading.

So what are you reading today, this week, this month? And what creative thing will you do or make today?

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