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My Favorite Christmas Present – Arlington 2008

I finally put together this video of my day at Arlington National Cemetery for the annual Wreaths Across America event held December 13, 2008. This was the best Christmas present of all. I was so happy to lay a wreath on not only my brother Herby’s grave, but others also. It’s a humbling experience to walk through Arlington National Cemetery. So much history and honor. It was honored to be there.

The first wreath I placed went on the grave of Margaret Elizabeth Black who was a nurse in the US Navy during WWI. I placed about seven wreaths that day, taking time at each one to thank them for their service and say a prayer for them. It’s an amazing feeling to do this. I have some photos in a previous post I did of this trip.

I hope I’ll be able to go again next year. Flamingo 91

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Present – Arlington 2008”

  1. Well done. Beautifully woven together. I am participating in laying wreaths at Georgia National Cemetery this year and will lay the wreath on my father's resting place. I'll link to photos of GNC when I complete my video this year.


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