kinship lesson 2.
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Trends for Wrapping Paper Summer 2018 Lesson

kinship lesson 2.Section One of Module Two of Make It In Design is done, yeah! Now I’m on to Section Two which is all about Trends and their influences on our lives. Some really great information that delves into not only trends in the United States, but from all over the world, and how one influences the other, and so on. I’m overwhelmed with the amount a information available to me in this course.

One of the largest companies extremely involved in trend influences is Pantone. They are THE color company of the world. I’m sure you’ve heard of their Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. Okay, you would know this more so if you’re in anything that has to do with color. Oh, everything has to do with color, so you should know :). I have used Pantone color palettes for years. Another super website is Trend Bible which has loads of information. Trends for color and design is very important for designers to keep abreast of what to design for future seasons.

My lesson for this first part of Trend Influences was to download the beautiful WGSN (the world’s trend authority) report on Key Colours for Spring/Summer 2018 (the Kinship collection is shown above), and choose just one or any combination of the four key colour trend boards given (Slow Futures, Kinship, Psychotropical or Youth Tonic). I was to then use the colors and any of the imagery on that trend board to design some fresh and funky gift wrap.

I chose the Kinship collection. So here is what I came up with. I took the photo provided above, traced it in Illustrator and adjusted to my liking, then put together three different designs. The fish is actually a bird in the photo. The dots and lines is from the abstract in the bottom middle, and the pull over blouse just gave a unique, feminine abstract. All make a nice wrapping paper collection. I’ll let you know if I put these on my Shop, so let me know if you like them. What fun!

lesson 2.1 wp one








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